Hello World!

Hi readers!  Yes, I’m talking to all four of you.

A little about me and why Starting It Up exists:

I recently learned a bit about this Seth Godin term called ‘inbound marketing,’ and decided to do a little bit for myself and my own brand.  I’ve been working with startups for years in law, business development, product development, financial projections, you name it.  What better than to work with passionate people, intriguing products and breakthroughs, and watch something grow before your very eyes?

When I was trying to build my baseline of knowledge though, I had a tough time.  I guess it should come as a surprise to no one that lawyers often aren’t great writers, so I was faced with walls of text and legalese – hell, that stuff isn’t easy even for someone who has been through law school.  Someone just give me some answers, damnit!

So here I am – I hope to present what I’ve learned in a clear and digestible way.  Have questions you want answered on Starting It Up?  Let me know and I’ll do my best to break it down.


Pei Kuo


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